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Do you know more than 1/3rd of 10 million websites are powered by WordPress. Also, the WordPress market shares about 40% of total websites, sounds great right? WordPress websites are in big trend because they are search engine friendly, which improves your website function and domain authority.

WordPress development makes your website look attractive to various search engines.

If you are also looking for SEO-friendly WordPress website development then you’re at the right place. We design WordPress websites using responsive WP Themes, countless plug-in options, and development features. Although WordPress offers one of the most well-built CMS (Content Management System), it is also easy to development making your website development process satisfying.

“We don't just sell websites, we create websites that SELL.”

Dr. Christopher Dayagdag

Some of our WordPress Development Categories are:

Custom WP Theme Development

Hire the best WordPress website development company in Delhi, India to experience the world-class website designing process that helps your business to stand out of crowd. our highly qualified team of industry experts understands your business goals and creates a website design that reflects them excellently. Custom WordPress theme development is done strategically. Our experts design out various layout options to suit your requirements. We aim at developing eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing, highly usable, and functionality-enriched websites. Building websites with high-quality programming is what we are known for. Our custom WP theme developments include custom home page design, custom web pages, custom contact pages, and custom content options to effectively showcase your products and services, blog posts, and photo galleries.

Here's why millennials always refer to custom WP theme development

Fresh layout design Ideas

Customization always helps in discovering and developing new ideas. Designing customs layouts helps in bringing out fresh ideas which are great in making your business stand out from the crowd and giving a tough competition out there. As Eddie Harris quoted:

No one remembers you for standing in the crowd. But they do remember you for standing out of it.

User-friendly Content Manager

Custom WP theme development involves the generation of custom content. Generate content that your users want to see, that is valuable to them. This will attract more users to your website.

Enhance your Brand image

Building a strong corporate identity is what custom WordPress theme development aims at. It helps in enhancing your brand image aesthetically and functionally.

Helps in comprehensive business integration

Driven by the wave of digitization, the shape of business is changing. These days global business ecosystem requires companies to digitally connect, communicate and collaborate with B2B and B2C audiences. And Custom WP theme development helps in doing this more efficiently.

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WordPress Web Design

Millennials choose WordPress web development to create their stunning online presence. Being a one-stop solution for all website needs, WordPress is gaining huge popularity. WordPress is developed in such a way that it helps in meeting your ultimate business objectives.

Being a preferred Website Designing Company in Delhi, Webidigital assists you at every step of your website designing journey. The reasons why WordPress web development is riding high on success are its easy-to-use architecture, numerous functionalities, template designs, and customization options that make it highly preferable in the industry.

WordPress website development is a budget-friendly and less time-consuming process. Creating exceptional search engine-friendly website designs aims to generate great returns on investments by attracting search engines and users to convert into more leads.

Benefits of WordPress Website Development

Easy to Manage

WordPress website development makes it easy to manage your website from any computer. As WordPress is a browser-based software it makes it easy for your to log in from any internet-connected computer and manage your website.

They are search engine favorites

Search engines love WordPress sites as they are SEO-friendly and easy to index. The codes used in WordPress web development are very clean and simple, which makes it easy for SEO crawlers to read and index.

Helps in growing your business and websites

WordPress websites provide very measurable results. Your website grows simultaneously as your business grows. You can have as many pages in your websites as you want in your website.

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WordPress Migration

Webidigital helps in making your WordPress website migration process extremely smooth by utilizing our field expertise and all these years of knowledge. As a WordPress development agency in Delhi NCR, we assist you completely throughout the process, meaning we help in transferring all the essential data from your existing website to your new WordPress website.

We know taking such big steps is always a big risk and you may have unlimited fears and doubts. But when we partner with you, we help in clearing all your doubts. Our consultation team helps you in strategizing the entire process from aligning your business objectives to eliminating the stress of WordPress migration. We design a plan that will cover the entire website migration process without causing any data loss.

For a smooth migration procedure, you can always count on us.

Benefits of Migrating to WordPress:

Extremely customizable Themes

Do you know there are thousands of plugins are available on WordPress (often free).

SEO friendliness

Easy URL structure and clean codes make WordPress more compatible with search engines.

Easy to use

WordPress is widely known to be the most user-friendly content management system. It is really quick and simple to manage.


Most WordPress themes are already mobile-friendly and are updated constantly.

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WooCommerce development

WooCommerce development is known for its unprecedented growth, making it an ideal choice for many retail business owners to start their own online business. WooCommerce services provide you with many highly functional features, abundant themes, extendable website platforms, plug-ins, and API integrations for future updations. Webidigital, an e-commerce WordPress website development company in Gurgaon offers you a complete range of WooCommerce design and development services with customizable options.

Recently WooCommerce plugins have crossed over 7 million downloads worldwide. WooCommerce being a cost-effective and well-supported eCommerce content management system is becoming a big hit in the market. It is a great choice for those who wish to gain full ownership control of their websites along with free and paid woocommerce plugin installations.

WooCommerce is one of the most widely used eCommerce solutions available today on the Internet.

Let's dive into its benefits for your business:

It is free

WooCommerce is a free and open-source WordPress plugin. It is easy to access for everyone who has just started using eCommerce. As it is powered by WordPress, it also gets direct developmental support from it.

Customizable themes

WooCommerce platforms provide great theme appearances sometimes paid and sometimes free, allowing you to easily switch back and forth between those appearances. A good place to look for premium WordPress – WooCommerce themes is ThemeForest.


WooCommerce has made the selling and buying services easy for online buyers. It is not like any other third-party app, where you've to abide by their rules and regulation to carry out any transaction, in this case, your WooCommerce platform belongs to only you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

WooCommerce runs on one of the most established platforms, which is perfectly suitable for search engine optimization. WooCommerce also offers an intuitive interface where you can enter the main details of your product or apart from this it also provides various third-party SEO plug-ins which help in optimizing your content.

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Plugins Development

Plugins are defined as the code that extends the functionality of your WordPress. Sometimes by creating your plugins build additional functionality for your WordPress of what it offers.

Custom Plugin Development services help in Modifying, Customizing, and optimizing your website. Webidigital offers goal-oriented customized solutions which are made and delivered as per each client's requirements. Plugin Development includes upgrading the existing plugin with a new WordPress plugin, developing a new plugin with advanced functionality, customizing the existing plugin, or developing a new customized plugin and following the coding guidelines with the latest versions of WordPress.

Here's why web digital is the best Plugins Development Company:

Uncompromising Quality

With Webidigital's hands-on experience in developing world-class WordPress plugins. Our core team always focuses on creating highly productive plugins.

Affordable Pricing Structures

Whether you own a start-up, a small business, or a large enterprise, Webidigital is your one-stop solution for all your plugin requirements with affordable pricing structures.

Skilled Developers

Webedigitals team of expert PHP developers makes highly functional WordPress codes and plugins, that are easy to install and upgrade. We offer customizable plugin options to single as well as multiple business owners.

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E-Commerce Website Development

Are you in need of an eCommerce development partner? You've come to the right place.

An eCommerce platform serves as the backbone for selling products online, enabling you to establish a virtual storefront for your business.

Crafting an eCommerce application revolves around sparking customer interest and eliminating unnecessary hurdles. Our focus lies in delivering exceptional virtual customer service, ensuring a smooth online journey, and presenting a stellar digital showcase. Whether you're launching a new online venture or enhancing an existing eCommerce site, our goal is to create a website that drives conversions efficiently.

As internet usage continues to surge globally, traditional marketing and shopping methods have undergone a profound transformation. The eCommerce landscape has expanded significantly, with over 90% of individuals owning smartphones, granting them instant access to purchases at their fingertips. Key elements like eCommerce web design and website development play pivotal roles in ensuring a website's success in today's competitive online market.

E-commerce website development is geared towards attracting potential customers, with a keen emphasis on user-centric features that save both time and money.

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Woocommerce Development()

We have aptitude in growing elite web applications utilizing Javascript based advances and structures which are profoundly adaptable and simple to keep up. To keep in knowledge with our major expertise, hereby we disclose our most preferable frontend technologies that have proven great for us to build a well structured interface.

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Magento Development()

We have aptitude in growing elite web applications utilizing Javascript based advances and structures which are profoundly adaptable and simple to keep up. To keep in knowledge with our major expertise, hereby we disclose our most preferable frontend technologies that have proven great for us to build a well structured interface.

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Get Your Wordpress Website Development Started

Are you planning to bring your business online?

Then you are at the right place. We convert your business ideas into reality. Being the best WordPress Development Agency in Delhi, we take pride in giving our customers the best WordPress experience ever. At Webidigital, we provide fast and secure WordPress development services with responsive WP themes and development features at the best prices. Let’s take you through our process of building world-class WordPress websites:

step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

Step 1: Planning & Requirement Analysis

This is the very first stage of website development. In this process, we research and plan all the things we require before starting the process of development. We research the industry, the competitors, their websites, what strategies they implement, understand their USPs, and much more. This helps us in understanding how should we start.

Step 2: Defining Requirements

The second stage of website development is defining your requirements. In this stage, our experts make notes with clients, understanding what key functionalities and objectives they want to fulfill with their website, what should be the goal of their website or where do they want to put tracking in their websites.

Step 3: Prototyping & Wireframing

This is the third stage of website development. In this stage, we implement your ideas in the execution and development process. We rule out the functionalities client demands, make a wireframe of the website, get approvals from the client, start with the coding and plugins installation.

Step 4: Testing

After the successful design of the website, the next stage is testing. Before releasing your website in the market, it is very important to test it. Our experts run several dummy campaign tests on the website to check the user tracking and website working. It is very important to check if any bug or broken link has been overlooked.

Step 5: Launch & Support

Trust us, if there’s anything that can affect your website’s success in the market, then it’s the launch strategies you use. Like how do you advertise your website in the market, how will you communicate to people to visit your website, what platforms are you choosing to promote it, any influencer strategies, and so on. This step should be very well calculated as the efforts you make now will be multiplied in the long run.

Here’s why WordPress is the future of Web Designing

In the coming years, WordPress solutions will not just be a Content Management System but will be a complete robust framework that will be capable of running on all platforms.

WordPress is indeed a great platform for website development as it is adding new features round the clock.

Every day it is introducing new enhancements and advance plug-ins being affected by the ongoing changes in user’s demand and behavior. Read on to understand better why WordPress is going to be the future of website designing.

WordPress is cost-effective

Building your websites with WordPress will cost you way cheaper than building it with any other software. Also, the maintenance cost of a WordPress website is comparatively low as it does not require hiring a professional every time you need to make any changes to your website.

WordPress allows easy updates

WordPress is kind of your one-stop solution. It provides easy accessibility with easy updates. You can make changes to your website from anywhere.

WordPress websites are SEO ready

We all understand the importance of SEO-friendly WordPress website development to rank your websites. And as WordPress websites are made using simple codes, it makes them easier to get indexed by Google. WordPress also allows you to use a plug-in through which you can convert all website images into alternative texts making it easier for google indexing and SEO optimization.

WordPress offers responsive website designs

Responsive website designing is the need of the hour in the world of mobile applications. While using a custom WordPress website design, you get eligible to avail the benefits of a responsive website without developing a separate website for each device. Sounds great right.

WordPress offers increased security

Before its launch, WordPress faced a lot of criticism for its security, but soon that myth busted off. WordPress can offer highly secured websites if built by expert WordPress website designers.

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Why WebiDigital For Wordpress Development Services?

WordPress development is giving a new direction in the business world, not just to big businesses but to small businesses too. This points out the importance of partnering with a suitable WordPress website development company that aligns with your business goals and objectives and work with the latest technology advancements to help your business stand out from the crowd and to set a new trend in your respective field.

Clear Your Doubts { FAQ’s }

  • Can we add new features to a Wordpress website?

    Yes, you can add a variety of new features and functionalities to your WordPress websites. WordPress is one such CMS that is very easy to upgrade at any time. All you need to do is install and configure the plugin you need.

  • Can we import posts from another blog or blogging platform in WordPress?

    Yes definitely, WordPress allows you to export content from your old blog and import it in your new blog.

  • Why choose Webidigital WordPress Development Services?

    Team Webidigital is the best SEO-friendly WordPress website development company, which always thrives to provide exceptional development services to its customers on all platforms during the course.

    We have a team of efficient and industry-trained website developers who always works with a design-focused approach and excellent project execution processes to deliver their best work to help your business grow better.

    At Webidigital we provide you with forward-thinking solutions and offer top-class WordPress development services. Our prime focus is to build productivity-based websites for your businesses to help you generate higher revenues and enhancing the user interface.

  • What factors should be considered while designing a WordPress website?

    There are a few important factors that will help you while designing it.

    -Define your target audience, -Analyze your users’ expectations -Have a detailed breakdown of your development costs -Look out for the security implications. -Check your website’s mobile friendliness. -Determine the key performance indicators of your website

  • How long does it takes to create a WordPress Website?

    Your WordPress website can be completed in as little in a 2 weeks or could take long as a few months. The time taken to design a website depends on the amount of content on the site. Sometimes there are are too many plugins that needs to be installed which take slightly more time, or some custom theme designs are time taking. But at the end the focus is to be organized and design the website step by step until you reach the end.

  • What things do we need to provide to a website development team?

    There are certain things that you, as the spokeperson of your business, should provide to your website partner company so that your project can run smoothly from start to finish.

    These things include:

    -Acknowledging and approving all terms and conditions. -Some form of advance payment to start work -Provide website assets like logo, image files, content. -Web hosting and domain login information -URLs and usernames of existing social media account -Login information of analytics and webmaster's account. -Team communicating meetings.

  • What SEO features will be included with my website?

    Well, WordPress is already one of the most SEO-friendly frameworks to build a website on; however proper implementation of SEO work is still needed for best results.

    Here are some of the essentials that you must address on your website:

    -No canonicalization issues -Unnecessary archive pages do not get indexed -Unique meta title and description for each page -Clean and consistent Permalinks

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