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Being a leading web application development company in delhi ncr india Webidigital provides customized web application services with 24X7 support assistance and quality maintenance. Let's Code Your Success Story!

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Webidigital's web application services add to your business credibility by increasing your business's profit margins and also helps you in building better customer connections. Creating compatible B2B and B2C web applications is what we aim for. We have an excellent team of industry professionals who are well trained to build complex web applications. Just one web application can transform your business. Call us and take a step forward towards your journey to business evolution. We assist you 24*7 with 100% quality assured services. Our customer-centric approach is what makes us amongst the industry leaders.

Some different domain of Webidigital’s Web Application Development:

Custom Web App Development

At Webidigital, we believe that there's no particular design that suits all. Each application we develop is as unique as yours. Being amongst the top web application services in Delhi, we work on two objectives, first that the custom application should be user-friendly, and second, no matter how complex they are they should be squeezed into an easy build CMS to provide you a stress-free experience.

Here's our easy 5 step guide to custom web app development:

-Planning and Identification

This is the first step in the process of custom web app development, where we sit with our clients to briefly discuss their vision about their web application. we discuss and understand their needs. after understanding their needs and vision, our application developers research and develop a planner that defines all the parameters of the project.

-Approvals and Finalization

This is the second step in the process of Custom web app development. This step is all about team interaction and getting approvals. Webidigital's app development team develops the project plan with final costs and gets it to review and approve by the clients.

Web App Development

This is the third step in the process of Custom web app development. In this step, our team covers your ideas into reality.

-Quality Assurance

This is the fourth step in the process of Custom web app development. in this step, we run thorough quality checks and reviews on the essential stages of development like device checks, browser checks so that the job can be done perfectly.

-Going Live

This is the fifth and final stage in the process of Custom web app development. in this stage, your app is ready to Get, Set, and Go.

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Web Portal Development

A web portal is defined as a web-based platform giving access to various functionalities through an easy-to-navigate interface. At Webidigital, our web portal development services include UX/UI design, web development, app testing, security and 24*7 support.

Types of Web Portals delivered by Webidigital:

-Self-service portals

A self-service portal (SSP) allows you to access information and resources that can help in finding answers to resolve your queries. SSP works to address day-to-day needs efficiently without any outside help.

-Patient portals

A patient portal helps patients in providing access to their your businesses’ needs, health records, and information, it also helps in scheduling health checkups and appointments.

-Ecommerce portals (B2C and B2B)

An e-commerce portal helps in building buyer-seller transactions between B2B and B2C businesses.

-Vendor portals

A vendor portal collects all supplier-related data that helps providein providing quick and effective vendor communication.

-eLearning portals

A learning portal is an aggregation of various learning materials including online documents, PDFs, videos, PowerPoint presentions, e-books, etc.

-Community portals

A community portal has a user-friendly interface with social functionality that helps people with similar interests in building collaborative relationships wherein they can exchange their ideas and experiences.

Partner portals

A partner portal is a platform that for businesses to sell via indirect sales channels to encourage more sales.

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ReactJS Development

ReactJS development is used for developing web apps with advanced features. it is an open-source JavaScript library designed to build single-page apps user interface. Reusable UI components and large web apps can also be developed using ReactJS development.

Here are a few advantages of Developing in ReactJS:

-ReactJS is one of the most easy-to-learn web development applications as it only requires a basic knowledge of CSS and HTML. -React JS also can create mobile applications using react-native. -ReactJS enables cross-platform app development. -ReactJS apps are easy to test. They help in boosting productivity and ensures faster rendering.

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Vue.Js Development

Having expertise in different domains like eCommerce, logistics, finance, gaming, media, and many more, team Webidigital builds comprehensive digital solutions that fit all your needs. Hire our Vue.js developers to lead amongst the top web application companies in India.

Vue.js is defined as an open-source view model Javascript framework used for building exception user interfaces for single-page web applications.

Benefits of using Vue.js- The Progressive Framework

-Vue.js is a mere 18-21kb size, which makes it really easy for users to download it. -Another reason behind its huge popularity is it’s easy to understand, Any user can add it to its webpage because of its simple structure. -As Vue.js is based on Javascript structure, it can easily be integrated with other applications built on Javascript. -Out-of-the-box transitions and functions of Vue.js keep the user on the hook and help create complex animations easily.

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Angular Development

Angular Development is known for its prominent features such as scalability, flexibility, and easy implementation. It is a widely used Javascript-based framework used to develop premium web and mobile applications. Webidigital is one of the most trusted Angular JS development companies in Delhi NCR. we are a reputed global service provider and have a good clientele record in developing the most advanced enterprise applications.

Angular development is becoming immensely popular these days, and it is widely used by app developers across the globe. Few advantages of AngularJS development are:

-AngularJS development manages to reduce cost and time effectively. -AngularJS developments provide scalable results. -Angular development helps in building apps that are compatible with different browsers. -Angular development provides faster app developments due to MVC.

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B2B and B2C web portal development

Webidigital is a specialized B2B and B2C web portal development company in Gurgaon with a highly trained team of developers who offers exceptional design and development services. At Webidigital, we craft high-end development portals of the international level to help out your business grow better.

We build robust and highly competitive designs to improve your business by optimizing the costs.

Here's why Webidigital provides the best B2B and B2C portal development services:

High-tech portal design

Webidigital's innovative portal designs are made of UI/UX design patterns for an easy-to-navigate user interface to align with your business and customers.

Experienced hands

At Webidigital, our core team consists of highly innovative and dedicated developers who are proficient in analyzing your businesses’ needs and formulate a future-ready strategy that acts as a key to success for your business.

Futuristic tools/technology

We develop your B2B and B2C portal designs with the most advanced tools and technology with a proven success record to craft unbeatable web portals to help with every businessrequirement.

Easy to handle

Webidigitals technology-rich web portal solutions enable you to gain complete control over your customer activities and also allows you to target your potential audience effectively.

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Laravel Development Services

Webidigital offers extensive laravel development services in Delhi NCR. Laravel is defined as an open-source PHP framework used for web application development. At Webidigital, we create robust, measurable, aesthetically appealing web applications to build you an exceptional online presence for your business.

Benefits of Laravel Development- A versatile framework

-This high-end framework provides world-class security and protects the app from any security threats. -Laravel framework comes with various tools and template designs that facilitate the development process to boost your web app performance. -It helps in speeding up the development performance and helps in launching it soon. -Laravel framework allows easy unit testing. -Laravel framework is developer’s favorite as it allows them to build certain functionalities easily and fast. -Laravel development helps in building apps in multiple languages.

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PHP Development

Webidigital is amongst the leading PHP development company in Delhi NCR. We develop highly advanced dynamic websites to give your business a competitive edge to reach new heights of success.

For an uninterrupted website experience, it is essential to have a robust digital presence, and to align with this need PHP framework is a must. It offers innovative technical proficiency to build websites and applications. We know that over 79% of websites worldwide, including Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, etc. are PHP-based. PHP development is one of the most competitive development services of the era, it offers a suite of distinctive features, dynamic websites, widespread community reach, and much more.

Benefits of Custom PHP development services

Website Responsiveness

The websites powered by PHP are highly responsive and are widely accessible on various devices.


PHP offers measurable tracking on websites through its upgraded features and functionalities.

Faster Accessibility

PHP-developed websites are highly optimized for wider and fast access.


PHP websites allow you to integrate search engine-specific elements in it to increase the websites’ organic searches.

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NodeJS, Express Development

Express Development is one of the most speedy, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node.js.

Express is a dynamic Node.js web application that provides a competitive set of features for website and mobile applications. Being enriched with advanced features, there are many popular frameworks that are based out of it. Webidigital is a leading Website application service provider in India, delivering high-end e-commerce solutions such as NodeJS, express development.

Based on Javascript, ExpressJS is a lightweight framework with in-built advance application features for website development. A few added advantages of using ExpressJS development are scalability, simplicity and adaptability. be it single page, multiple page, web app or back end functions, all can be easily built with Express. Having years of industry experience helped us in meeting our client requirements efficiently.

Advantages Of Express JS Development Services

-ExpressJS with its added functionality of Node.JS offers great features to develop web and mobile applications with improved performance. -ExpressJS reduces the development times and helps in speeding up the app delivery process. -Express JS helps in reducing the complexity of work, it enables creating complex applications faster. -ExpressJS supports cross platform application development.

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MEVN (MongoDB, Express JS, Vue JS, Node JS) Stack Development

Webidigital is a highly reliable MEVN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, Vue JS, NodeJS ) stack development company. Delivering unmatched MEVN stack development solutions to meet diverse needs of our clients.

MEVN is an open source javascript framework that has evolved as the most in demand stack technology in recent years. People around the world are really looking forward to use this technology to accelate their business growth. MEVN is a perfect blend of backend and frontend development, this is why it is universally know as a full stack development process for diverse business requirements.

Being a top stack development company in Delhi,NCR we offer you unique cutting-edge technology combined with modern framework designs to cater your business needs and vision.

One of the biggest advantage of using MEVN stack development is that it is based out of Javascript and javascript is used at all levels of development. It simplifies the development process and makes it faster and efficient. MEVN development helps in organising the backend development process making it faster and improving its efficiency.

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MERN (MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, Node JS) Stack Development

Webidigital is an expert in advance technologies like MERN (MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, Node JS) stack development to build customised solutions for their clients. We provide you with the solutions that fits best for your business. MERN stack development is one most in-demand web app development technology in 2022.

It is a free software based out of Javascript, that helps in building dynamic website and mobile applications. Stack development is completely based on Javascript from frontend to backend. MERN stack is one of the most user friendly software available for corporate business solutions.

Advantages of MERN Stack Development:

Highly Scalable Solutions

MERN stack development provides you highly scalable web app solutions.

Secured Solutions

At Webidigital, through MERN stack development we always try to integrate the best available secured functionalities and features into your web app solutions.


Through MERN stack development we develop a responsive and dynamic web app solution

Best UI/UX development

Through flawless UI/UX development by industry experts, we provide you with a aesthetic ric website to entice your users.

High-performance Solutions

MERN stack development allows us to build high performing web app solutions to offers fast and great user experience.

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MEAN (MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, Node JS) Stack Development

Webidigital is India's most trusted MEAN stack development company in Delhi NCR. At Webidigital we leverage the power of full-stack development with MEAN stack development services to bring you unbeatable web app solutions. Our MEAN STack development services are proficient for multiple platforms.

We craft bespoke digital solutions for your businesses with our extensive industry experience and expertise.

Team Webidigital always motivates their client with their quality services to stay ahead of the competition. With professional tailor-made services according to your needs and vision, we take pride in being the best web application development company in Delhi.

Technologies Under MEAN Stack Development

(MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, Node JS)

MongoDB for Storage

It is an open-source document-based database program used to create a scalable base of your web apps with dynamic components.

ExpressJS for Web Programming

It is a simple, scalable, and dynamic web app development architecture based on Javascript that allows you to create web app solutions with some extraordinary features.

AngularJS for Front-end Development

It is a high in-demand technology efficient framework build in Javascript used for front-end app development.

NodeJS for Web Server

It is also an open-source web app development framework that allows you to build highly scalable applications. NodeJS already includes a web server, thus saves your development time.

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Some of our work highlights

High Functionality

We provide web application solutions that are perfectly compatible with your business. Whether it’s third-party app integration, corporate portal, or official websites, we have proven years of service experience in all.

End-to-end Testing

Thorough application testing is a crucial step in the development process. Our team of application developers makes sure to do all app testing at every level of development to check its security, UI and UX designs, and user interface.

Futuristic Approach

At Webidigital we design applications that are meant for the present and competitive for the future. Our growth-driven approach helps us in incorporating our client’s business expansion needs.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Why choose Webidigital Web App Development Services?

    Team Webidigital is the best website application development company, which always thrives to provide exceptional development services to its customers on all platforms during the course.

    We have a team of efficient and industry-trained website developers who always works with a design-focused approach and excellent project execution processes to deliver their best work to help your business grow better.

    At Webidigital we provide you with forward-thinking solutions and offer top-class web application development services. Our prime focus is to build a productivity-based website application for your business to help you generate higher revenues and enhancing the user interface.

  • How much does it cost to develop a web application?

    A not-so-complex website application development will cost you around $3000-$15 000 for small to medium size companies and e-commerce business solutions.

  • What is the difference between Web apps and websites?

    A website is defined as worldwide accessible, interlinked web pages having a single domain name, whereas a web application is defined as software that is accessible through any web browser.

  • How long does it takes to develop a web application?

    On average, a web application developer takes 4-5 months to build a front-end and back-end application infrastructure. But if the website, is pretty big then this time period may extend 2-3 months more. Moreover, the inbuilt features and functionalities decide the time of your app development.

  • How will web app development help my business?

    Web app development services help you provide extensive customer support functionalities and features that can help you build a relationship with your potential customers. Such improved and enhanced functionalities help you in establishing a powerful communication channel for your customers to help them 24*7. This will also help in improving your web app sales and generate higher business revenues.

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