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Posted on January 1, 2022 in Social Media
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Today every business wants to build its unique brand identity to survive in this competitive era. Here it is very important to understand the difference between business branding and personal branding. Business branding refers to the promotion of businesses goods and services whereas personal branding refers to marketing yourself rather than your business. Both of them have equal importance and tons of benefits.

To support this, here are a few reasons why one should build their Personal Branding:

Personal branding helps you stand out of the crowd

Personal branding helps you create a unique identity for yourself apart from your business. Many times people have gained huge business success by doing personal branding. People might not remember your brand’s name but will definitely remember you. Suppose you are company X and company Y is your rival. Company Y's CEO, Mr Y does his own personal branding as an entrepreneur and success guru and is quite famous. Now, although your business is doing much better than company Y, if someone googles about your company's CEO they will find nothing, whereas company Y is able to stand out of the crowd because of their CEO's personal branding.

Personal Branding creates an ocean of opportunities

Personal branding is a staircase to help you lead to success. With personal branding, you can fulfil any number of goals, both personally and professionally. With personal branding, comes many opportunities like media interviews, speaking opportunities, opportunities to build your networking connections, partnerships, collaborations and much more. This is why it is really important to have strong personal branding.

Personal Branding helps in building trust

Every day a new brand is launched. In this highly competitive world, it is not at all easy to trust one brand. But with personal branding, this task becomes a lot easier, like we said earlier, your personal branding will definitely benefit your business. People are more likely to buy from someone, whom they trust. They will only listen to you if they feel connected. So, if you're maintaining a strong personal identity and a great business identity you will definitely get great success.

Personal branding helps you build a positive online screening

Building a positive reputation online is not an easy task, it takes a lot of effort and hard work to build that reputation step by step. But once build it can benefit you in long term. You can get great exposure online, just with the help of your personal branding. Your future employers, investors, partners can get to you easily with the help of your personal branding. You can ace your personal branding with the help of Webidigital, the best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR.

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Personal Branding not only helps in building your personal identity but also helps your business in building its awareness, attracting new customers and engaging existing customers. There is so many businesses that blows up high on success with the help of Personal Branding.

So, now we have understood that personal branding is a unique blend of your creative skills and knowledge to show the world how you wanted to be seen. To help you become the successful millennial of the 21st century, we have curated a step by step guide to personal branding.

Here is the 8 step guide to personal branding:

Step 1: What is your vision?

  • We all know that without a goal we cannot move further. Even if you're planning to improve your business or start a business and do not have a vision for it, you cannot proceed. When we say you need to have a clear picture of the task you are going to do, means you need to have a clear vision.
  • Having a clear vision helps you justify the way you want your audience to look at you. It is always suggested to create a personal vision statement and align it with your business values. You will never be able to build an empire if your businesses core values are not aligned with your personal visions.
  • Creating values and visions in your personal branding will help you find yourself, you can know yourself better and it will help you in creating a professional brand, which will have your reflection in it. Find your passion, work on your traits and sharpen your skills, this will help you to carve out a path of your own.

Step 2: Deciding your Niche and targeting your potential audience

  • In the previous step, you learnt to focus on your vision, passion, work on your traits and sharpen your skills which will help you create your personal brand. Now all these factors are considered as supply factors to the business. Now, if these are supply factors, let us learn about the demand factors. for your personal brand to succeed, you need to offer something which your audience wants, because you are able to supply exactly what they demand, you will definitely win your potential audience.
  • And, before meeting the demand, you should identify your niche. Identifying your niche will help you put your efforts in the right direction. It might happen, that your niche is general. But don't get disappointed, it also means that you have a large pool of potential audience. And this stiff competition will help you work to the best of your ability.

Step 3: Finding your point of difference

In step 2, you've learnt to decide your niche, now in this step, you will learn to determine what will make you different from others. Finding your point of difference is really important when you're facing such stiff competition where everyone is fighting to stay on the top. Now, here you can take help from the first step where you’ve learnt to determine your skills and traits. It is always recommended to work on your skills, traits, passion while building your personal brand as it will always profit you. Finding your point of difference in your niche will help you differentiate yourself from others, and will help you in connecting with your potential audience.

Step 4: Build your Digital Marketing Assets

For having strong personal branding, you need to have a strong online presence. You will get a more genuine audience when people will be able to recognise you online.

  • Firstly build a personal website. What’s better than someone googling you, and your website appears, which will provide them with a pool of information about you. Always name your website after you, this will help in building a strong online presence. Your website should be based on your personal branding objectives, your vision, your interest topics. Add blogs about your daily life, add some case studies which motivated you every now and then, something related to most trending subjects these days, such things will help you cater for your audience interest.
  • Secondly, design your personal brands logo. Your logo should be uniquely you. Logos are used with every online presence you have. Choose the colours, the font, the graphic very carefully. For online graphics, you create and post, always go for something similar. Like, select a font, select colours you will play with. Such things help in creating your brand aesthetic.
  • And thirdly, a great social media presence. Your social media presence should be a mirror reflection of your personality. Social media is one of the greatest sources to drive traffic on other platforms. Social media is one of the best ways to stay connected with your audience 24*7. People just love to see what happens on the backside of the camera, how you are in your real life, what all you do in a day etc. Such things help in building a connection between you and them. Also doing a little research is never bad, research on which platform you've your audience, what are their interest, and how much time are they most likely to invest in social media. This will help you in targeting them even better.

Step 5: What is your content strategy?

If you're a beginner in the field of personal branding, then a great content strategy is your ultimate tool for building a name for yourself. Blogging every day can help you in this process. Although, writing just 2 blogs and expecting to get traffic on them is quite unrealistic. As blogging takes time in getting views and traffic, but once you get the right audience there's no stopping. And with ever-changing Google algorithms, it’s better to prepare for the worst.

Two important content strategies to determine your online success are:

  • Create high-quality content for Google
  • Regular promotion of your content online.

Wite your content enriched with the most searched keywords, proper heading stages and image optimisation. Such things will help you in better search engine rankings. As a leading marketing agency in Delhi NCR, we always advise optimizing your content according to google. Also backlinking helps a lot in building connections online. Share your blog URL on every social media presence you have. Get as much organic traffic you can get. Also never stick to just one particular type of content. Keep trying out and experimenting with different content pieces, to match your audience taste and preferences.

Step 6: Create your Social Media Strategy

  • With each passing year, more and more people are joining social media, making it an even bigger opportunity for businesses to tap. As we know both organic and paid social media marketing strategies are effective. Social media marketing perfectly aligns with your personal branding as more and more people are now engaged on social media, and people love to know about you and your life.
  • Apps like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn have also contributed to increasing the time people spend on social media. So it’s high time you mobilize this opportunity for your businesses.
  • Whenever implementing mobile social media strategies, always make sure to create and post engaging content, graphics, contests, videos to encourage your audience interest and engagement to optimize your content accordingly.
  • Social media is one of the best ways to stay connected with your audience. And when using social media for personal branding, always make sure your presence should look formal and professional. Your display picture on each platform should be similar, your content tone should be professional, not too friendly or informal. Study different times of postings, which works better for you.

Step 7: Outreaching

  • Your website and blog should speak the name of your brand. Every online presence you have should ultimately lead to the goal and objectives of your business. in this step you will learn about outreaching. Outreaching is very important for your business.
  • Go out and spread the word about your personal brand, if people find you interesting they will google about you and will be redirected to your blogs, your social media and your website. This should be one of the most important goals of your personal branding.
  • Attend events of your line, chat with like-minded people and never miss a chance to promote yourself. Participate in the online seminars, share links to your blogs and websites. Start with guest blogging, there are so many websites out there that welcome guest blogger on their pages. Share a guest post and backlink your website and other blogs on it. Such ways will help you outreaching personal branding.

Step 8: Find your Mentors

It is very important to remember one thing, you do not have to go through this process alone. Always welcome any help you can get. There are so many successful leaders out there who are ready to help you in any way possible. Ask them how you are doing, or what is lacking in your personal branding. Many successful mentors share their success tips online or via sessions, attend these, you never know what might become a turning point in your career.

And, with this eight-step guide, we hope you start with your personal branding as soon as possible. Personal Branding obviously demands much time and energy, and it is not an overnight process, it takes a considerable amount of time building it step by step. And with the help of Top marketing company in Noida, this task becomes a lot easier.

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