Social media marketing on mobile: Grow your business with these 5 mobile content strategies

Posted on January 1, 2022 in Social Media
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Every now and then, one question that keeps popping up is which device works best for social media marketing. Although statistical reports claim that mobile devices are becoming the norm but, desktops are still used. Many individuals claim that they prefer to use their mobile phones to check out social media apps. But this work from culture has managed to change quite a lot of things.

B2B social media applications like LinkedIn, have more desktop users. Similarly, personalised platforms like Instagram have more mobile users.

Let us understand why mobile is preferred over desktop for social media marketing:

1. Moveableness

Generally, people who work from home spent their day sending business emails, such people won't mind using a desktop for social media. Though, many users still prefer to use a mobile rather than their desktop. As your mobile devices are always connected to some source of network, be it your wifi or data plans, making it much easier and convenient for social media use.

2. What's in an App?

Many social media platforms have dedicated apps for mobile users and desktop users. But many don't. For mobile devices, there is an app for just everything. Just download the app version of your favourite platform and enjoy. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat are some of the most favourite apps amongst mobile users.

3. Network

A major reason why mobile is preferred over desktop for social media lies in their source of network, i.e., data and wifi. Mobile devices are able to run through a cellular network, which gives them the edge over the desktop which still needs a wifi connection to run. It is so easy and convenient to use your mobile phones to access social media from any corner of the world. And if you want to use your laptop with a network, then you are required to connect it with your cellular data through a hotspot.

4. Typing Typing Typing

Desktop typing provides you with a broader keyboard with the ease of using all your 10 fingers for typing, whereas mobile typing only limits your thumb use. for quick chats and replies mobile typing is great. But, if you're writing long emails or posts, then you might miss your laptop. As long as typing text from mobile becomes very exhausting.

5. Auto-Correction

Desktops run a spell check on your content and mark the misspelt words with a red underline, to prompt you for correcting them. But while using mobile devices, this feature is often not available, although mobile devices provide you with the auto-correction option, but do not prompt for any misspelt word.

6. Multitasking

Multitasking is the need of the hour. We often multitask while using our favourite social media apps. It is very easy to switch screens on mobile while using any social media platform. Also, mobile devices offer great features like voice search, which has made the task much easier and convenient. With just a tap, you can change your status, add a story or do whatever you like doing.

Now we see. why mobile devices are preferred over desktops. These little devices, carry our world within them. Many business houses are considering mobile use as an opportunity to target their potential audience. You can also excel in this game with a leading social media agency in Delhi.

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At Webidigital, we offer you the best marketing services in Delhi NCR, as we always strive to provide an exceptional service experience to our customers.

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As an agency, we know that be it big or small, mobile marketing is important for every business.

Mobile marketing not only helps your business in building its brand awareness but, also helps it in attracting new customers and engaging existing customers. There are so many business examples over there who became famous overnight because of their out-of-the-box mobile marketing strategies.

More than 4 billion users are using mobile phones today, so let’s tap this market with some growth-driven strategies.

5 Powerful mobile content strategies to help you grow your business:

1. Mobile Friendliness

  • It is really important for an online business to have a mobile-friendly site. If your business does not have a mobile-friendly site, it might affect your other marketing efforts badly. The best layout for mobile-friendliness is a responsive website. A responsive site works on both, a desktop also and on mobile also. It adjusts its layout as [per the platform, which then makes your content easy to read, can get you good clicks and can increase your session rate. A not so user-friendly website encourages a negative user experience.
  • Like, if someone found your business ad on a third-party app, click on it only to land on a bad website experience, it will not be worth it at all. They will immediately return and will never visit your brand’s website again.
  • This is why it is always advised to run some mobile-friendliness test, before making your website live. Ask your friends and family to rate your website experience on a scale of ten, and state what they liked the most and what not. This way you can learn your website weaknesses beforehand.
  • Another thing to remember is, keep analysing your website analytics report every 4 to 5 days. Also, you can use Google's mobile site tester to check your website's mobile-friendliness. It will grade your website's mobile-friendliness once you plug into that URL.

2. SMS marketing

  • SMS marketing is undoubtedly perfect to accompany your mobile marketing. SMS marketing allows you to send bulk messages to your targeted customers and prospects. Brands send text messages wishing their customers birthdays, announcing their ongoing sales, welcoming their customers aboard, or sending them regular updates about their offer cards etc.
  • Many times brands encourage their customers in joining for their regular text promotion messages. As in this way customers presume your brand is highly functional and loyal towards their customers.
  • SMS marketing allows you to share links, OTPs, updates with your potential customers and prospects. Such things help in increasing your customers top of the mind awareness, can help in pushing them further through the buyers’ journey funnel, This helps them in making a quick purchase decision about the brand.

3. Mobile search advertising

  • Just as you make your website become mobile-friendly, it’s high time you also start your SEM (search engine marketing) efforts to be mobile friendly as well. a study claims that more than 55% of people use their mobile phones to search for brands and businesses. So, don't you think that would be pretty amazing if your ad shows up just in time when your customer search for something related to your brand?
  • As a top mobile marketing company in Delhi NCR, we advise you to take good advantage of the ad extensions available for mobile phones. Though Google Search provides the option for Call Ads, which are in fact great for mobile phone users. But if your use any other ad type too, you can attach your mobile number with it, to increase your chances of getting valuable leads.
  • By making your ad copies short and crisp and attaching a call to action button, you strategically provide a much better experience for mobile device users. Amongst whom, many were your potential customers.

4. Local listings

  • Listing sites like Google business listings provide huge business and exposure for local businesses to grow. Google voice search feature has also helped in increasing business via the local listing. Imagine you are on the go, and suddenly start craving for a delicious pizza, you'll just take out your phone, open Google and say "find pizza near me" and then will be directed to local listings near you and choose from your favourite one.
  • One thing you need to pay more attention to is, that all the information used in your business listing is 100% authentic. Your name, your business contact details, your business address should be accurate.

5. Social media marketing

  • With each passing year, more and more people are joining social media, making it an even bigger opportunity for businesses to tap. As we know both organic and paid social media marketing strategies are effective. Social media marketing perfectly aligns with mobile marketing as more than 85% of mobile users have agreed that they scroll social media from their mobile phones.
  • And apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat have also contributed to increasing the time people spend on social media. So it’s high time you mobilize this opportunity for your businesses.
  • Whenever implementing mobile social media strategies, always make sure to create and post engaging content, graphics, contests, videos to encourage your audience interest and engagement to optimize your content accordingly.

#Bonus: 3 steps to help you get started with Mobile Marketing

1. Prioritize your Strategies

The first and foremost thing, before starting with mobile marketing is that you need to set your goals and objectives. Do a deep analysis on how much time does your ideal customer spend on using a mobile device. How often do they scroll through social media? Always consider all the available options for mobile marketing, and optimize your ads.

This way you will be able to explore different sources to drive your audience engagement. Start with organic activities like creating your website, building your social media presence, creating your Google business listing etc. And then slowly when you're able to tap on your potential audience, go for paid mobile marketing methods.

2. Invest in low-cost strategies

We all know that mobile marketing is a budget-friendly option for small businesses. Mobile marketing allows you a lot of free mediums to explore for your business, like organic social media presence, local listings, free SMS services (T&C applied). Also marketing stats 2020, have stated that CPC (cost per click) on mobile marketing cost less than any other platform. This then proves that mobile marketing is not only a cost-effective marketing method for small businesses but also helps in maximizing your budgets.

3. Monitor your mobile metrics

Always make it a note to check your previous year analytics report. It is very important to study your analytics briefs, to start with any new strategy. You need to have in hand reports about customers behaviour. Like their demographics, how much time they spend on social media, how likely do they make purchases only? This way you will be able to create an effective mobile marketing strategy.

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