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Posted on January 1, 2022 in Digital Marketing
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If you also thrive to make it big in the Marketing Industry someday, then you’re at the right place. Keeping up with the ever-changing marketing trends is the need of the hour and also the key requirement to ace the market. At Webidigital, we have a specialized team of marketing professionals who help your business win the game of becoming the best marketing company in Delhi NCR.

Now, with this, the question arises, Why Choose Webidigital?

Well, team Webidigital offers the best marketing services in Delhi NCR, as we always strive to provide an exceptional service experience to our customers.

We have a team of efficient and industry-trained Marketing Experts who are always bubbling up with fresh ideas and work with a solution-focused approach and excellent project execution processes to deliver their best work to help your business grow better.

As an agency, we know that a perfect business campaign can only be made by integrating offline marketing techniques with online marketing. Be it big or small, Marketing is important for every business.

Marketing not only helps your business in building its brand awareness but, also helps it in attracting new customers and engaging existing customers. There are so many business examples over there who became famous overnight because of their out-of-the-box marketing strategies.

Here's why a great marketing strategy is important for your business:

  • A great marketing strategy helps your audience to understand you and your brand better. It should tell them what do you have to offer them as a brand, and why they should consider investing in your product.
  • A great marketing strategy also helps you in better understanding your targeted audience. like what are their likes and dislikes, at what time are most likely to show interest in your campaigns, etc.
  • A great marketing campaign helps in building your brand's credibility score. It helps in increasing its market reputation.
  • Many times, your campaign might not benefit your business immediately, but if it leaves a lasting impact on your customers, some day or other it will benefit you.
  • Great marketing initiative helps in the growth of your business. If your product is genuinely as good as you describe them, you will garner a loyal customer base. And these satisfied customers will only bring new customers to your business.

As stated by Forbes, "Innovation alone cannot sustain a company's growth, it must be paired with Marketing." With so many innovations happening today, one needs a good marketing plan to help reach these innovations to its targeted customers. So that these innovations brought to the market can be commercialized properly to achieve great revenues.

And, to stay ahead in this business race, we present you a list of marketing trends, you need to keep an eye upon:

1. Go Go Go Digital!

The year 2022 and beyond, is all about going digital. We all know that after this pandemic, businesses will never go back to working normally as they were. From a safety pin to an aeroplane, everything is available on a digital marketplace. So, businesses also have to step out of their comfort zone and join hands with digitization. Businesses all over the world are leaning towards digitization, as today it is one of the most important aspects of marketing.

2. Thinking beyond Digital Ads

Last year, people were forced to sit at home because of the devastating pandemic going on, but now as vaccination is available people are rushing to the outside world, to start their life as it was. Now, it is really important for a brand to ace up its advertising game. People will be no more interested in sitting in front of their screens to recall your brands. You have to reach them, to reengage them with your brand. So, think beyond digital ads, and engage with them in the outside world.

3. What's your Purpose?

It is really important to know what is the meaning and purpose of your brand's marketing. If you know the what, why, when, and how of your marketing game, you can easily ace it. Understanding your audience's needs and behaviour is one of the key aspects of marketing. Many businesses claim big words about their brands, but do not follow them. In such cases your customer will only be your biggest enemy, as one satisfied customer can bring a hundred new customers also, one unsatisfied customer can take aways thousands of your potential customers.

4. LinkedIn- The New Social Platform

LinkedIn is one of the most professional social platforms. There are people, who underestimate the power of LinkedIn as a social platform. We do agree that LinkedIn ads are much costlier than Facebook or any other social app. But, you need to understand one thing that you're paying for quality leads. For B2B businesses, LinkedIn is one of the most trusted social applications. You will find people genuinely looking for quality prospects who will turn into their business. So if you're missing out on this platform, it's high time you reconsider your decision.

5. Influencer Marketing is the biggest Trend

Woof! Influencers are everywhere man. In the year 2022 and beyond, one thing is for sure, that influencer marketing is not going anywhere. It is getting bigger than ever, people put their trust in their favourite influencers and purchase what they say. Every business, be it big or small, is going for influencer marketing. Social media influencers create creative and interesting content around your brand products and services, which helps in gathering your audience's attention and interest which then persuades them in buying your products. Many business houses run attractive offers through their influencer collaborations, to increase their campaign revenue.

6. Growing Importance of Personalization

Giving that personal touch to your audience through your brand's marketing is important these days. Have you seen Zomato, Myntra, Nykaa, how they engage their audience with their personalized emails, app notifications, and messages? During Covid also, brands send personalized emails to their customers asking about their well-being and giving them the motivation to stay strong during these tough times.

7. Rise of Social Applications

In the social media industry, every other day new applications are invented. With a lack of quality audience on Facebook, it would be very interesting to know what other applications will be trending for this year and beyond. With Facebook taking a back seat, for now, we can see brands going for Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

8. More Focus On Instagram Reels

Last year we saw youth's favourite app TikTok getting banned. Just when everyone was mourning its loss, Instagram introduced its new feature "REELS". Reels created a lot of buzz since their inception. Creators all over the world are using this feature to its fullest. With Reels becoming the new internet sensation, brands are focussing on it to generate higher revenues. Reels are an important part of the Instagram Algorithm. You must have noticed that its icon is placed in the centre of the app. As a top marketing agency in Noida, we would suggest you use the Reel feature instead of just posting a short video. Just make an engaging short video, use trending audio and pair it with some popular hashtags, trust us it will do wonders for you. Wanna bet?

9. Short Videos are still a HIT

Short videos with popular audio and quick editing will continue to remain popular. TikTok started the trend of creating short videos on social media after this feature was adopted by many social media applications. Instagram also brought Reels, for short videos enthusiasts. Short videos popularity will not only target your younger group audience but will also be beneficial for brands and businesses, as there lie higher opportunities for lead conversions.

10. Go LIVE

Live streaming will continue to remain a popular trend in 2022 and beyond. Live streaming is one of the easiest and efficient ways for brands to connect with their audience. And the audience too can be a part of their favourite brand events without even leaving the comfort of their homes. Some brands use their LIVE to do a Q/A session with their audience, while some use this medium to share their new collection with their audience or to reveal any exciting offers or features of their product or services. So, if you're missing out on LIVE, go on and use this amazing feature to tap on your potential customers.

11. Rise Of E-Commerce

Last year we saw, the huge success of eCommerce businesses. From groceries to medicines, one can buy anything and everything in an eCommerce store. This year too, the business will continue to rely on the digital marketplace for higher revenues, changing the traditional market approach. Nowadays, gyms are providing online sessions, doctor consultation is available online, fruits, vegetables, dresses, automobiles, each and everything is accessible online. So. as an agency we would suggest you go digital, and keep up with the current market demand.

12. No more A/B testing

Earlier people use to test their campaigns by running two alternatives on the same budget with different demographics for a different audience. And whichever use to perform better, that would be the final one. But for 2022 and beyond, A/B testing will be a complete waste of time. With the rise of artificial intelligence, this feature is of no use anymore. And we would predict that it will soon disappear.

13. Don't put heavy Marketing Budgets

Earlier brands use invest lakhs of rupees in their marketing budgets. But now, this scenario has changed. Digital media can give your high returns on low investments. With minimal expense, you can do great on social media and can earn quality leads. There are so many brands out there, whose businesses are doing just great with organic promotions. Just use the right technique on the right medium and nobody can stop you.

14. Heavy reliance on deep data insights and AI

Due to the changing dynamics of the marketplace, marketers will now be dependent on deep data insights and artificial intelligence. With the emergence of AI technology, now marketers will have the convenience of targeting precisely based on their audience behaviours and interest.

15. Video Marketing will continue to grow

Video Marketing is one of the top marketing trends for 2022 and beyond. As stated by ImpactPlus, 70% of consumers say that they share brands videos. Apart from posting a long textual post, marketers should go for more video content. It is short and much more engaging in comparison with textual posts. Videos make it easier to depict lengthy information in an easy format. Some trending and interactive video contents available for marketers are:

  • Livestreams on mobile
  • Short videos
  • Online Training Sessions & Educational Videos
  • Video advertising
  • Interactive AR content
  • Shoppable Content
  • Virtual Events Videos

We hope you found these marketing trends helpful for your brand and business. The world around us is changing every second, and as a marketer, we need to prepare ourselves for change happening in the market. As a leading marketing agency in Delhi, one thing that we've learnt from our experience is learning never stops. Each day is a new day, for new opportunities. Keep researching and dig out more and more fresh ideas. Always go through past year statistics reports, to learn about audience behaviour over the years. Look up to your competitors what they are doing, how are they working and this will help you carve your way better. Keep these tips and tricks on your fingertips and trust us you will surely ace your brand's marketing game.

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