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Posted on January 1, 2022 in Social Media
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The golden rule to have a successful youtube channel is giving the quality,forward content that could be understood easily. And following that rule, we will also be coming straight away to the question and give you exactly the answer that you are looking for.


This usually involves two major steps. First is definitely, starting your youtube channel and second is to do everything that can add to its success. So let’s divide the question and make it easier for you to understand.


To start with a youtube channel, you need to create it by following below mentioned steps:

STEP 1: Create a gmail account and sign in to YouTube.

STEP 2: Tap on the display icon or picture in top right corner and click on “Create a Channel” .

STEP 3: Update your display picture and give a suitable name to your chan engaging and straight nel

STEP 4: Tap on “Create Channel”

And there you are done with basic creation of your channel! The further process involves making your channel presentable to the audience. Don’t panic, that is also a very basic procedure that can be completed very easily. So, let’s brief you how you can make your youtube channel presentable?

STEP 5: On creation you will be at your channel dashboard, there click on “Customise Channel”

STEP 6: Above step will take you to the youtube studio and here first update the basic information. Under channel customisation, Click on “Basic Info” and there fill in all the details. Add a brief description for your channel, Add links to your other social media channel or website or blog or whatever you want to share with your audience and then update your contact info.

STEP 7: Update all the “Branding” info. Include a display picture, Update the channel art OR Banner image and upload a video watermark. This step can be considered as an optional step but is recommended to complete because it does add on to your channel presentation and makes it look impressive.

And with this you are all set to publish your first ever video on youtube. Without thinking twice, get that piece uploaded and wait to see the numbers grow, or you can actually do something for growth in numbers. Yep, Definitely you can. Let the digital marketing company in Delhi NCR share their expert insights of how to optimize YouTube video for success.


When it comes to optimising a youtube video it may involve a little bit of research, so basically this part can be a little time taking for you in the beginning but then gradually you adapt to the protocol or crack the code and definitely get easier for you. So, let’s quickly dive into the YouTube SEO Checklist

Use keywords to save your video files

Generally people save the video files in their systems with a random name, but you will be intrigued to know that the name of the video file also has an impact on video SEO and this is why we are recommending you to rename your video and name it using a target keyword.

Include most searched keywords in your titles

Yes, Keyword research is vital when it comes to YouTube Video SEO. The logic is simple you want to reach your relevant audience so if exactly what they are searching is your title of the video, it will definitely increase the chances of your video to rank up on YouTube and the more similar your title is to the title, the more chances are that viewer is going to click on the video to watch.

So, take some time, make a mini list of a few relevant keywords around which your video is and name it with an interesting keyword rich title.

Keyword research is not really much of the heavy task but in case you need help, the best SEO company in Delhi NCR is always at your service.

Write keyword rich description

See, your keyword list will be used here as well, we are telling you, keywords are the heartbeat of your YouTube video. If you want your video to stay alive, include as many keywords as possible and wherever possible.

Now YouTube generally allows 5000 character long video descriptions and you have to use that limit in the most result driven way. Beginners often write short descriptions just for the sake of writing it without really knowing what opportunity good lengthy video descriptions with keywords stuffed in the most natural way can bring to them.

Include links in your description

No, descriptions doesn't mean you only have to write a huge number of paragraphs. You can make use of some links to drive traffic there. It could be your channel subscription link. It could be your other social media channel links. It could be your website or blog link. It could be your other YouTube videos links - this one is recommended to increase the views on other videos as well. So, drop in links with a suitable heading to them.

Hashtags are always recommended

YouTube does not only work as a search engine but is often confused as a social media channel as well. Actually it is because it runs on a mixed approach. Where its major emphasis is on keywords, It also has a hashtag reading function. You must include at least 3-5 relevant hashtags in your description box, the first 3 gets major attention so try to make use of the most trending hashtags as the first three.

Relevant tags are the best friends of the video

People generally skip this one, but you can;t make this mistake. DO NOT SKIP VIDEO TAGS. Add all the keywords that you have listed, add more if you can but make sure to meet the 500 char limit of YouTube to add tags..

Don’t forget to update eye catchy custom thumbnail

Why a custom thumbnail? Because you can create a good quality video thumbnail with triggering content on it that could drive more and more clicks, as the number of clicks, views are an add on to the SEO of your YouTube video. This is why top online marketing companies in Delhi NCR and all over the world recommend making your own interesting video thumbnails.

Try to segment your videos in Playlists

Now this one is not only related to YouTube SEO but also to make your channel presentable. Creating a playlist for related videos makes your channel page look better, eases out for your viewer to find the video he is looking for and interesting playlist names or keyword rich playlist names will definitely have great impact on the SEO.

End screens and cards can be a game changer

A viewer who is watching your full video is the gold you are searching everywhere or should we say putting out content for. You can’t just him go by showing only one video. Increase your video viewership by adding end screens and cards to your video.

End screens are the recommendations that come at the end of the video. YouTube gives pretty much all the type of content you include as end screens, may it be subscribe icon, video recommendation, playlist recommendation or any other possible option. So just explore and make best use of it.

Cards also known as i-cards can be seen throughout the video coming from the top right corner whenever you want them to get highlighted. Viewer can see all the cards once he clicks on the (i) button. So, do relevant video as i cards in your video to keep your viewers engaged with your content.

And with that, we would say your video is majorly optimised. Now keep it published so that it could make its place into the search results, until then you proceed to the next part which is how to increase the reach of your video and basically add on to its success.


Frankly, if we should straightaway come to the point, to make your YouTube channel successful, you have to make algorithm friendly content and not only optimise just the videos but also have the properly optimised channel.

Now we know you are curious to know what exactly is algorithm friendly content? Basically, YouTube runs on an algorithm in which the content which engages more, gets better reach. So, if your content is engaging, rightly published and your channel is properly optimised, it would definitely fit into the algorithm and you will reach the highest points of success.


Be Consistent, Don’t get lazy

Starting is just the first step, but people fail because they are not able to continue with the frequency that their channel needs, their audience wants and consistency they should put in. So, first ever tip would be to come up with new videos as much as possible and publish them as soon as possible but do so at a regular frequency.

Regular frequency would benefit you in two ways: First, New video means a new opportunity to expand your reach and engagement, everytime you publish a video. There are a lot of times when after putting content out we realize how we could have made it better, but neither you can edit that one now nor you want to take it down. So, improve with a new one.

Second, Your audience will adapt to your frequency and they will know when to expect content from you. So you are basically satisfying them within your comfort zone and they will never get disappointed.

Catch the attention with “interesting hook”

So, it was a traditional way of beginning the video with greetings in the intro. But it’s 2022 now. To catch today’s audience's attention, you need to amaze them and hit the hammer not when they are interested but actually to gain their interest. And you know what, you only got a few seconds to get their interest, So do not save the climax for the end, but instead show it in the beginning and let your audience get interested in knowing how it gets there. Make a note: Interesting hooks at the beginning.

Keep Your Titles Interesting and Intros shorter

Titles, Thumbnails and the first few seconds are major things that catch your audience’s attention. Title & Thumbnail are the first thing your audience is seeing and if they stop, it means their job is done. Now your video is automatically played in their YouTube feed and if the intro is not interesting then BOOM! You lost them, and you don’t want that so, the above point is super important and if they clicked to watch the whole video and immediately after the hook you are there with a minutes long intro then again BOOM! You will lose them. So try to introduce it in as less seconds as possible. Always remember you need their interest throughout the video, so your video needs to be interesting throughout.

Experiment with Duration

Now if you do a survey for this one, in which you ask people about whether YouTube videos should be longer or shorter, you will definitely get mixed answers. Many will favour longer and others will favour shorter. But what our experience as an online marketing company in Delhi has told us, it actually depends what type of content you are into. Web series, movies, comedy videos people do watch long enough, but art and crafts are preferred to watch for shorter durations comparatively. So we would suggest you experiment with it. Make some long videos, make some short videos, then evaluate which ones better work for you and BAM! You got your ideal duration.

Promote Your Content

For success on youtube, you cannot just rely on creating and publishing content, It requires promotion too. Creating content is surely a big task but promoting it is equally important. As they say, marketing without good content is lifeless and content without marketing is mute. So, if you don’t want your content to be mute, give your best to promote it so that the world can hear its sound.

Now you really don’t need to think more about starting that channel. Go right away with that thought and begin because now you have all the tips you need to start a successful youtube channel.

And still if you need a helping hand, this digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR is always available for you. You contact us anytime you need us.

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