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Webidigital helps your business to combine the development & operation teams by implementing leading technology and workflow automation.We provide best devOps service in delhi ncr india We offer you global expansion and 24*7 service assistance.

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DevOps is the combination of Development and Operations practices, which is designed with the aim to increase the organizational ability for faster application delivery. This way DevOps services help the organization in better customer services and great market competency.

Being the best DevOps services provider in Delhi NCR, we work on the principle of rapid and reliable problem-solving in innovative ways. It helps in managing complex work environments in simpler ways.

Services We Offer Under DevOps

AWS Management Solutions

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. As we know that Amazon Web services is a global and widely adopted cloud platform that offers more than 200 fully featured services for data centers worldwide.

There are millions of satisfied customers including startups, big and small enterprises, government agencies are using this software to reduce their costs, become more quick and innovate faster. Amazon web Services Management solutions help you in operating AWS infrastructure more efficiently. It also provides you operational flexibility, enhances system security and also helps in optimizing your cost.

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DigitalOcean Server Management

Digital ocean is an America based cloud infrastructure with data centers globally. Digital Ocean has been crowned as the third largest cloud hosting company in the world. DigitalOcean Server Management provides cloud services that deploy and scale applications that run parallel across multiple computers without compromising on performance.

Digital Ocean Server Management is developers favorite because:

-Digital ocean is high on functionality. -It is the perfect cloud provider to deploy and manage scalable web applications. -It offers comprehensive, concrete and very resourceful documentation. -It offers very pocket friendly cloud services which makes it very affordable for startups and individual software developers to adopt their platform.

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Server setup and Management

Server Management is defined as the process of maintaining servers to operate at their best performance. It monitors the management of hardware, software, security and backups. At Webidigital, our server management strategy aims at reducing server slowdowns, building a secure server environment, and ensuring that servers contribute to organisational success.

Server infrastructure is a prominent part of a company's success, as they undertake the monitoring and management of IT functions, data storage, website hostings, and applications. Server setup and management takes care of companies in-house cloud services by staying on top of their hardware, software, security and backups.

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DevOps & Scalable Infra Management

DevOps infrastructure management services uses a mature cloud DevOps framework that collaborates configuration management, infrastructure automation, and analytics to build robust infrastructure that can adapt to the growth and accelerate speed of your business.

Being the best DevOps company in Delhi NCR, our DevOps services are top class in the industry as we have experience and expertise to work across the major Infrastructure as Code Tools to meet your needs.

We work according to the holistic management approach so that you can drive operational stability in your organization. With our DevOps Services we aim at reducing costs and bringing agility to your business.

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High-Availability Infra Design

Nowadays with an increased demand for reliable and flawless infrastructures designed to serve critical systems, the terms scalability and high availability are becoming way too popular. Manytimes, no matter how reliable your softwares is, server problems can occur that can bring down your applications.

When the objectives are robust production systems, reducing server slowdowns and service interruptions you need high availability infrastructure designs. By implementing high availability for your infrastructure, you use an amazing strategy to reduce the impact of these types of events. Also highly available systems can recover from any server or component failure automatically.

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Database Management

Database management is defined as the actions a business takes to manipulate and control data to meet necessary conditions throughout the data lifecycle. Due to the rapid growth of businesses, database management is becoming more important these days.

Negative conditions like poor application performance, server downtime, risk compliance are created by rapid data growth. So, database management comprises a number of useful and proactive techniques to prevent such harmful and uncalled effects of data growth.

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Testing & QA Services

Being one of the top software testing service consultants, we ensure that your next gen applications are bug free when they hit the market. Team Webidigital specializes in providing application testing services such as functional testing, compatibility testing, security testing, usability testing etc. by using latest testing tools with quality assurance.

We also offer a wide range of QA services for AR/VR. Our team of industry experts constantly works on your complex QA requirements with the latest structured tools and techniques that work to maintain your business agility. We have a proven service record for startups, small and large scale enterprises and many government agencies.

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How Our DevOps Process Works

The development and operational workflow consist of the following phases:

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5

Phase 1: Planning

In this phase, scheduling and task tracking tools are needed to know the current status of the task, like what has been done and what is left. These tools also help in giving reminders about the deadlines.

Phase 2: Code Building

In this phase, developers used rapid code building techniques to build codes faster.

Phase 3: Testing

In this phase, Developers use code testing tools to minimize the time and effort of manual code testing without compromising on the user experience and the code quality.

Phase 4: Monitoring and logging

In this phase, our specialist DevOps team monitors software performance. This phase involves complete monitoring of the software performance wherein we run several quality checks to assure an uninterrupted user experience.

Phase 5: Customer Feedback

In this phase, we use various tools to gather customer feedback on our software. Our team dedicatedly works on the feedback received before delivering it to the client.

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From whatever business sector you belong to, whether it is service based or product based. Whatever may be your requirement, an ecommerce website design or creative website design to generate awareness. Our expert team is here to fulfill all your requirements at a reasonable cost.

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Get An Exclusive Discussion For Your Business Growth

From whatever business sector you belong to, whether it is service based or product based. Whatever may be your requirement, an ecommerce website design or creative website design to generate awareness. Our expert team is here to fulfill all your requirements at a reasonable cost.

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