5 Sales funnel strategies : for returning users

Posted on January 1, 2022 in Social Media
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In this highly competitive era, it is difficult to find your potential customers. If you're into selling your goods and services, then you know how hard it could get. And just getting a sale is not enough, you have to get your customer satisfied so that they return to your brand again. The only key to making successful sales is using sales funnel for your business. Using a sales funnel can make this process a lot easier for you. A sales funnel is defined as a step by step guide that helps in bringing your potential customer one step closer to your business through a series of marketing actions like emailers, videos, advertisements, etc.

You can run your business in two ways. Either you can sit around and take the "Hope marketing" approach, where people just sit around hoping that one day their customers will come to their brand, or you can build a strategy where you convert your potential customers into real customers. As a business, you need to take control of your destiny and take all the steps needed to build a great future for yourself. And, if you've already gotten your hands full with lots of business tasks, then you can hire Webidigital, a top marketing agency in Delhi NCR.

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To create a successful sales funnel, we need to understand the stages of this funnel first. The sales funnel includes 4 stages, which are Awareness, Consideration, Purchase and Loyalty.

Let us understand the sales funnel stages in-depth:

Stage 1: Awareness

The first stage of the sales funnel is all about letting people know about your existence. With n number of ways, you can reach your targeted audience through brand awareness.

Obviously, whenever you consider brand awareness, what can be better than word of mouth marketing. Where your one satisfied customer has the ability to bring 10 new customers to your business.

  • Secondly, content marketing. Your content helps you to connect with your audience. With many businesses already taking this road to build their brand awareness, you need to buck up as well. Start with search engine optimised content. Write blogs and articles. They will help in improving your business ranking on google.
  • Thirdly, video marketing. Video marketing is one of the best ways to help you get your audience attention in the right way. Businesses nowadays create connecting videos which relate with their audience in such a way, that they get a lasting impression of the brand.
  • Fourthly, paid marketing. A little bit of paid marketing is never a bad idea. Paid marketing amplifies your organic reach, and can help you reach a wider set of audiences. Reaching a wider audience also increases your brand awareness.

Stage 2: Consideration

  • Once people are aware of your brand, they will definitely consider it somewhere in their buying decision. To make this consideration process, even stronger you can start out by sending emails.
  • During the awareness stage, your potential audience must have engaged with your brand somehow. Either by filling your online survey form or by clicking on free subscription or freebies. This way you can get their email Ids.
  • These days emailers are one of the best ways to drive your audience attention. If in case they have forgotten your brand, then the consideration stage helps in building your brand's top of the mind awareness.
  • Sending emailers thanking them for showing interest in your business and providing special discount codes on their first purchases can really drive them to enter the third stage.

Stage 3: Purchase

  • The third stage is about purchasing the product. In the second stage, we learnt how to build the top of the mind awareness, by luring your customers with special discounts.
  • But if you want to speed up the process of purchasing, you can add a time frame to your ongoing offers and special codes as well. Like, use your special discount code between 24 hours to avail 50% off.
  • Have you heard about the brand MyGlam? They are a perfect example of how to engage your customers in your sales funnel. They started out by giving free lipsticks to their customers by entering a special discount code. Now, this special discount code can be earned by taking up an online survey.
  • This way they reached their potential audience, got great referrals and campaign boosts. They earned profits too as a standard shipping amount was charged. But as a brand, they were confident, that once a customer will use their lipstick, they will love it and will surely try again.

Stage 4: Loyalty

  • As a business, we all know that having a one time purchase is a lot easier than having the same customer return to your business to make more purchases. As a brand, your first and foremost goal should be to satisfy your customers.
  • Treat every customer like they are your first. Always put up the same energy in every client. So after stage three is done, ask your clients for their feedback.
  • Send them a message asking for their feedback, show them that you are working on their feedback. Never break your customer relationship loop. Always keep them in the loop, provide them with a regular update on your upcoming product launch and always value their loyalty towards your brand.

Now that you've learnt about the sales funnel stages, let us put more focus on:

5 unbeatable sales funnel strategies for returning users

1. Always make customer satisfaction a priority

Many businesses treat customer satisfaction as an occasional event. But as a top marketing agency in Noida, we would like to advise you here that always give customer satisfaction top priority in your business. Many business houses have laid down a rule book on their principles related to customer satisfaction. You need to set some ground rules amongst your business standards related to customer satisfaction.

Always employ a separate team to handle your customer queries 24*7. Never leave any customer issue or complaint unanswered. One angry customer can be very dangerous to your business. You obviously don't want negative publicity for your brand. So it’s better to entertain each and every customer complaint before it could become more serious and tarnish your brand’s image.

Always ask your repeat customers to post their reviews about your business on their favourite platforms. This way you can score good credibility points.

2. Loyalty programs for returning users

  • Always make a note to incentivize your returning customers. Time and again we focus on this point, which always values your loyal customers. Maintain your goodwill with them. Activating a few loyalty programs for your returning customers would be a great deal for your business.
  • Like giving a free product to your returning customers on every fifth purchase they make. Such things will make your customer happy and loyal to your business.
  • Or, giving them special discounts and codes for their birthdays and anniversaries. Make them feel special and always show them that you value them the most.
  • You can also provide them EMCs (electronic membership cards), these cards will work just like any other bank card, it will be linked to your customer’s bank account and can be accessed with a passcode. Whenever they will use it to pay for your services, they will get an additional discount on every payment. This will not only encourage them to make purchases with your brand only but will also market your loyalty programs to other potential customers too.

3. Always highlight positive feedbacks

  • Make it a note to highlight your positive customer experience every now and then. As a business, you need to strategise your positive customer feedbacks and testimonial videos very smartly so that they benefit your business in a great way.
  • You can send email newsletters to your existing and potential customers highlighting your brand’s features and positive feedbacks, this helps in building genuine trust and credibility of a brand.
  • If you have your own business website, you can also add these to that. Add your testimonial videos on the landing page of your website, this will help in increasing the session rate and engagement rate of your website.
  • Promote your positive customer experiences on social media, tag your customers. This will help you in building a good brand image in the eyes of your customers.

4. Survey your repeat customers

  • As a business house, you might not always know the reasons behind why your customers leave or why they are not returning after their first purchases. But for this, you can always take help from your loyal customers.
  • You can just ask them to fill a quick survey form, which will then focus on things they liked the most and things that can be improved. These surveys can help you a lot in understanding your customer base. And you will have the opportunity to make all the necessary improvements.
  • Make actionable strategies to lead out the process of improvement and let your customers know that you are taking all the measures to improve your services.

5. Share helpful content with your customers.

  • Many businesses have taken this approach, they share valuable insights with their customers through their social media to make them engage with their brand. Suppose if you are a brand that sells health supplements.
  • You can share insights on how many steps one should walk on a daily basis or how much water one should drink in a day. Such information is related to your business line also and is also valuable for your customers.
  • Such information is termed as "Sharable content". You can also ask your customers to share some healthy food recipes which they make using your products, this will drive more engagement to your brand and your customers will also love such content.

And with this, we wind up the strategies you can adopt for your returning users. Always remember every returning customer was once a new customer. Your business definitely has the potential that made them your returning customer. Now, you only need to strategise on a few things, that will make them come back to you always. And if you ever need a helping hand, feel free to connect with Webidigital, a leading digital marketing company in Delhi for all your business needs.

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