10 Social Media Trends for 2021

Posted on January 1, 2022 in Social Media By webiDigital.com
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Social Media is everyone's BFF. A medium that started as a source to connect you with your family and friends is now a channel for every big and small brand and business to connect with their potential customers. Today Social Media has become a necessity for every other person.

According to the Social Media Statistics Report, on average, an individual spends 145 minutes, which is equal to 2.4 hours on social media every day.

We all agree that Social Media Marketing is one of the most important strategies in E-commerce.

Almost 80% of every brand's business depends upon its social media presence. Impressive Social Media brand presence helps in luring the customer to your doorstep.

There are numerous brands out there that are using this as their most effective growth strategy. You can excel too by hiring the best Social Media Marketing Company in Gurgaon for an exceptional brand experience.

People often worry about the huge expenses of hiring professionals, but an experienced professional can also help your marketing yield better. Generally, Social media marketing pricing includes managing campaigns, monitoring daily social media activities, generating new content ideas, and handling a brand's presence on all its social media handles. However, the total pricing may vary from project to project.

Social Media Marketing is not always for the bigger brands only, it is for every business. It does not matter if your business is big or small, Social Media Marketing will anyway help you to connect with your existing customers and target new customers. Social media is all about building your brand awareness and making it visible to more and more people.

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Nowadays there is not even a single person on this planet who doesn't know what social media is. Social Media has helped us to bridge the gap between physical buyers and digital buyers. Well in 2021, every business no matter how big and small it is, they do need Social Media Marketing, here’s why:

  • To reduce their marketing cost. Social Media is an (almost) free medium. you can reach thousands of people, without even spending a single rupee.
  • Social Media offers a better customer service experience.
  • Social media helps to make your brand visible to your potential customers.
  • Social Media is one of the most authentic ways to build loyalty and gain the trust of your customers.

Here's why Social Media Marketing is important to every business:

Targeting your Potential Audience

Social Media helps you to reach your potential audience efficiently. By tapping the interest of your customers, it targets your customer segment precisely, to give you the maximum results. Social Media acts as a medium in bridging the gap between the customer and the seller.

ROI > Cost

Social Media helps you to generate a high return on investment according to the cost you spent. This is the main reason why many small and medium-scale brands depend on this method.

Increase in Brand Awareness

Social media marketing helps in spreading the word about your brands' products and services, that too free. What's better than that :P

Helps in telling your brand's story

Social Media Marketing helps in telling your brands' story effectively and engagingly to build the trust of your customers.

Helps you in A/B testing

Social Media Campaigns allow you to test your campaigns. It provides options for A/B testings to see which campaign is performing better than the other.

And, with this rapid growth in the world of social media, many new social media trends are taking on. Also hopping onto these trends will help you in securing your place in this fierce competition.

So, binge-read ahead to know about the latest Social Media Trends of 2021:

#1 Go LIVE

Live streaming will still remain popular in 2021 and beyond. Live streaming is one of the easiest and efficient ways for brands to connect with their audience. And the audience too can be a part of their favourite brand events without even leaving their homes. Some brands use their LIVE to do a Q/A session with their audience, while some use this medium to share their new collection with their audience. So go on and use this amazing feature and tap on your potential customers.

#2 What's in a Story?

According to Social Media Statistics Report, more than 500 million users connect with Instagram stories every day. With the growth in story engagement rate, brands are now working day and night to make separate content for stories also. And to make stories more engaging, Instagram provides so many engagement tools like adding music, adding GIF s, adding stickers and text to your stories, emoji sliders, Polls, short Q/As and much more. So, which among these is your favourite tool?

#3 Growing demand for Virtual Reality

Amidst this ongoing pandemic, virtual reality (VR) has become the new reality. Being the best Social Media Marketing company in Gurgaon, we can bet VR becoming the new viral trend of 2021. Nowadays people seek more genuine interactions virtually. Among all Social Media platforms, Facebook has a great scope for this growing demand for Virtual Reality. Also in such times of social distancing virtual reality is the only experience people need right now.

#4 Augmented Reality- The new Media Trend

Augmented Reality is a new world interactive experience of real-world reality where real-world objects are enhanced by computer graphics like visuals, audios etc. Such augmented reality experiences are highly interactive and engaging for better growth on Social Media. Augmented Reality Experience helps you to entertain your existing customers and also to attract new customers with the right promotional techniques. The perfect example to show how Augmented Reality helps to buy you new customers is Lenskart. Look how intelligently, they have implemented this technique on their website, where they allow you to try on different frames virtually. This also helps in increasing your purchases.

#5 Growth of Social Commerce

Social Commerce is one of the most important tools for marketers to capitalize in 2021 and beyond. Nowadays Social Media play a key role in influencing your purchase decisions. More than 50% of the customers research a brand on social media to check the authenticity of their products. Be it their tagged photos, or check out their client testimonials, Social Media stores it all. And, when you add Social Commerce to the package too, it delivers something that helps to buy you more customers and smoothens your brand's purchase journey. Earlier the SHOP button on social media was available with very few brands but now it is available for almost every brand. There are just a few sets of criteria that your brand needs to fulfil to add that SHOP button on your profile. Now, isn't this just perfect, that you see a product on Social Media and can buy it from there only, without even going through the hassle of checking it out on websites.

#6 Viral Campaigns

Purpose-driven campaigns have always been viral on Social Media. "Campaigns with a cause" is the motto for 2021 and beyond. For the past two years, this global pandemic has been the root cause of many campaigns. People came out of their comfort zones to help each other. Social Media has helped a lot in resources for the needy. While campaigning on such sensitive issues, a brand should know when to engage and when to back off. HCL, Tata, FabIndia and many other brands have outdone themselves in this pandemic. And that's what the audience wants from Brands, to show leadership and take initiative actions in such times rather than using the situations for their marketing gains.

#7 Reality Matters

As customers, we want our brands to be as real as possible. The reality check is what will matter in 2021 and beyond. Customers want their brands to be as real as they can. Nobody wants to put their money behind a label that does not show what happens inside. People prefer to check out real profiles testimonials on any brand's Social Media before making any purchase decision. People love to see how their favourite brands react to the latest ongoing social issues. Such steps help a brand to build deeper connections with its customers. If brands miss out on such social opportunities, they miss out on their crucial chances to build a deeper connection with their customers.

#8 Growing popularity of Snackable Content

The past year we saw youth's favourite app TikTok getting banned. Just when everyone was mourning its loss, Instagram introduced its new feature "REELS". Reels created a lot of buzz since their inception. Many creators consider it as a form of snackable content. Worldwide people are using reels in different ways to promote themselves, their brand, their content and much more.

While we all know how competitive social media is, snackable pieces of content continue to charm their users anyhow. As we always say, you need to strike the right piece of content, at the right time and the right place, and the world is all yours.

#9 Video Marketing on the Go

Nobody loves to read so much content. Your brand's content should be short and crisp. One that easily makes its place in your audience's heart. Among many other predictable things, as a top content marketing company in Delhi, one thing that we can predict is that video content is the king of Social Media, and nobody can replace it. This trend is a sure shot hit for this year and beyond. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn keep adding up new features for their video content making it grow more popular among their users.

#10 Content Matters

During this pandemic, social media became everyone's new BFF. Many people took to their profiles to share their stories, posting videos from their homes using their mobiles. In all this, what matters is the content quality not the quality of its production. The biggest advantage of social media is, it accepts the content in every form. Be it a video, audio, text or an image, until and unless it is shareable, you are a hit.

So if you've read the blog this far, we hope you found our content helpful and engaging. Also a little surprise for you from team Webidigital.

#BonusTip :Less is More:

Instead of posting every hour, round up content that is thoughtful and engaging, something that connects with your audience and helps you in staying in touch with them. As a team of Industry experts, we always suggest building your unique content, developing your own conversational tone, experimenting with your post timings to know when you and your audience connect better. Research about your audience, it will help you to know them better and also in building your content accordingly.

The world around us is constantly changing and evolving. Similarly, social media trends come and go. But these trends are here to stay in 2021 and beyond. One thing that we've learnt from our experience is never stop learning. Get your research game strong, prepare yourself for any scenario. Always go through past year statistics reports, to learn about audience behaviour over the years. Keep these tips and tricks on your fingertips and you are all set to go.

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